Beast of Chaos II

by The Twins Compositions



Here it comes! Another Beast of Chaos for Halloween and any other occasion where you want to feel horrified by greatness.


released October 31, 2012

Composed, mixed, produced, preformed, and photo & editing by: The Twins (Hill Smith, Wynn Smith)



all rights reserved


The Twins Compositions Jacksonville, Florida

Hill and Wynn compose classical and modern style music. If you have a request for a project, please click on our website link bellow, then look into our "Contacts" areas to send us a message.

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Keep pursuing your dreams! ~ Hill & Wynn
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Track Name: Hill Smith - A.I.
Somewhere in the vast universes
is a place so cold it's omitted
the bodies on this small world are souless
and it can never advance
the place unstricken by deity's kiss
my selfishness is in unexplainable bliss

to walk among artifical intelligence
observing mundane, observing repitition
nothing can change here
all tasks done simultaneously, All hearts beating simultaneously
In this artifical world, nothing can change
nothing can change...

I could leave
I know enough to know that this can never be altered
but I sojourn occasionally here
I know I must be souless

Infinite Solitude, Infinite Isolation
Infinite Nothing
Track Name: Hiill Smith - Nugatory Being
I push all mass away
causing a famine around me
an epidemic of guilt and gray

it's how I live
no one is like me
and yet I wander like a child at play

all that makes me me
for the purpose of wanting to feel
and the pain is never set free
it's the very thing I conceal

spreading the disease
but I'm sure you know how to end it
Track Name: Hill Smith - Redeeming Psychosis
Scorned, as the demons protest, over a mind fixed from such a malice crest.
I couldn't of thought of such a miracle before, because I wouldn't have been able to care.
If I thought of the world this way, their would not be a point in being there.
Life now is a beautiful process. My long-term past was quite a mess. Back then -
I lost all cognitive function. My mind collided with life's construction.
Now I'm cured from my pain. It was all in my brain...
Track Name: Hill Smith, Wynn Smith - Suppression
Your dark glare froze me like ice
My eyes of despair, I couldn't move
I never new such a feeling
Never seen so much red

Overwhelming emotion
Eternal pain
This hurts more than the sight I see

"Why did you do it? How could you do it? Worse than any kind of nightmare."

No life has felt this way
I use to have an innocent soul
Now my heart bleeds for peace
Reached feelings that are suppressed

I still can't move or look away
The subject was taken away
The nightmare that continues
Even after I sleep...

How can those eyes sleep?
Those dark eyes...
Track Name: Hill Smith - The Problem Solvers
The Problem Solvers
In life, people live to solve problems. people are entertained by problems and trying to solve it. Some love to create problems, and some love solving them. Some find enlightenment through doing this. Even to solve the problem of finding a problem to crack. It doesn't end, but that's not a problem, isn't it? Heh heh heh, It's a drive.